Watch as celebrity relationships are tested on the dance floor.

Dance with Me is the new primetime feel good talent competition where eight celebrities and their real-life partner, or family member, compete in pairs to raise money for charity by proving they're the best on the dance floor.

Each week, our couples rigorously train to dance to a contemporary pop hit which theyll perform in front of an audience and panel of judges. The judges rank each performance from 1-10, and the couple with the highest average score claims the coveted Dance King Throne – easily bumped off, however, by the proceeding pair with a higher score.

After the eight performances, the last couple on the throne goes straight to the finale. The competing partners with the lowest scores then vote for their fellow contestants to decide which of the top-scoring duos is the competing challenger. The two finalists are brought centre stage where the voting audience decides who should win a small cash prize for their favorite charity.

The following week, all celebrity duos are back, but this time everything could change. The scores are tallied from each show, ranking the contestants from first to last. Now the moment of truth is revealed as the top five ranking couples compete for the grand cash prize that will make a big difference for their favorite charitable organization.

Genre: Entertainment
Timeslot: Prime Time
Produced in
Albania, Spain