Harem is inspired by cults in Israel, including one led by a mystic healer. In Harem, the healer evaded authorities by isolating his huge family from society for twenty years. The women accepted his lifestyle voluntarily. Until Two sisters – Maya, who is already a part of the cult, and Hagar, who is still in high school and living with her parents – become intoxicated with Shabtai, the cult leader. At Shabtais insistence, Maya encourages Hagar to come into the light and join the cult. The series begins with Maya reaching out to her estranged family for the first time in two years, leading her parents to mistakenly believe she is reaching out for help. But instead, Maya evokes her true beliefs in the cult and ends up drawing Hagar into Shabtais family as well, to the dismay of the girls parents who are terrified they will forever lose their daughters. In a battle for Hagar, Maya files a false sexual misconduct complaint with the police against her father, causing social services to remove Hagar from her parents house. However, Shabtais tentacles – as a healer, a teacher, a guru, and a ruthless manipulator – reach out beyond his immediate family. The foster home in which Hagar is placed turns out to be, in fact, a channel Shabtai has created for recruiting more potential wives at a stage when they are vulnerable – and still legally minors. As we dive into the attempts to free the sisters from Shabtais grip, we see how submission can be intoxicating. We follow in detail how charisma and psychological manipulation can ensnare even a right-minded, strong-headed girl like Hagar. As Hagar journeys into the cult, she begins to reveal the secrets hidden behind the thin veil of New Age-sounding religious talk – especially the secret concerning a young girl named Tamar and her presence in the cult. This disturbing secret shakes Hagar as she realizes the extent of Shabtais domination, leading her to become the agent of Shabtais downfall. Starring Alon Aboutboul (The Dark Knight Rises, London Has Fallen, Body Of Lies, Snowfall and Low Winter Sun).

Format: Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2016
Running Tme: 8 x 1 hour
Shooting Format:
Genre: Scripted – Family/Relationships
Available Rights: All rights worldwide excluding primary broadcaster rights in Israel.
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