The sister show to Car Crash TV, Idiot TV is here to show you how not to live, with hundreds of hilarious clips showcasing the worlds biggest fools.

Thanks to the proliferation of smart phones, dash cams, GoPros and CCTV, there is no hiding place for idiocy. Now Idiot TV can bring you all sorts of extreme insanity from around the world in ten glorious episodes.

From stupid show offs, to unlucky losers, Idiot TV features all sorts of outrageous and hilarious action posers at the gym, Jackass wannabes, sporting suckers and high flying. Gold medal buffoonery collected and curated like never before, with rewinds, slo-mos and close ups to highlight the very best falls, faults and fails.

TV legend Chris Barrie reprises his role of frustrated health and safety officer, and also brings his whole range of impressions and accents to the party. Most importantly, no-one is seriously hurt in any of the clips we show. Car Crash TV showed you how not to drive, now Idiot TV will show you how not to live.

– Performing well for younger viewers, Idiot TV has exceeded the broadcasters slot average by +17% for Adults 16-34

Production company:
Production Year: 2017-2019
Running Tme: 40 x 30 mins
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