Super Vlogger Ali-A has teamed up with hipster mechanic Helen Stanley to come to the rescue of distressed young drivers in this brand new generation of car makeover shows. Their mission is two-fold

1. To transform the worn-out wrecks of cars these youngsters are ashamed to be seen driving, whilst
2. Giving our young drivers the skills they need to be better behind the wheel.

Each young driver will hand over the keys to their wreck on wheels as they agree to work hard to become more safe and skilled behind the wheel. In exchange, their car is given a new lease of life with a makeover of mammoth proportions leaving their old set of wheels completely unrecognisable in the most impressive and envy-inducing of ways thanks to Helens brilliant bespoke makeover.
During each show a celebrity will visit Helen in her workshop having had some improvement/work carried out on their beloved car and a chance for us to take a look around the cars of the rich and famous.

Production company:
Production Year: 2018-2019
Running Tme: 20 x 30' series
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