Skyscrapers, luminary bulks made of steel and glass are Istanbuls magnificent and ruthless new face where money, success and power talk. Where love, justice, mercy and conscience is replaced by tough rivalries. Love is nothing but a short-term adventure within this cruel world.Ali Nejat Karasu is a wealthy and strong young businessman. He doesnt believe in starting a family; and most of all he despises love. Umut zer is a talented and ambitious automotive designer who was raised by a poor but loving mother. Umut is carried away by the so-called glamorous charms of the world he now lives in. Naz zer is a young paediatrician who values people and emotions over material possessions and is steadfast in her ideals.Naz and Umut have been married for more than ten years. They fell in love as youngsters and were forced to marry when Naz realised she was pregnant. Unfortunately the baby was stillborn and Nazs despair led to the hard decision not to have children.At first, Naz supports Umuts ambition but in time she will see that his ambition is taking over his life. Their marriage will start to break down after Ali Nejat comes into their lives.Intersection is a love story. A story that examines contemporary relationships, the distinction between rich and poor; and the financial and moral commitments of love.

Format: Series
Production company: Endemol Turkey
Production Year: 2015-2016
Running Tme: 31 x 3 hour Series
Shooting Format:
Genre: Scripted – Family/Relationships, Scripted – Soap/Telenovela/Daily
Available Rights: All rights worldwided excluding Fox Turkey rights
Distribution Rights: