Joanna Lumley is embarking on the trip of a lifetime; to travel and explore the River Nile, the longest river in the world, from sea to source. Travelling upstream, in the direction of the earliest explorers she will journey along Africas life line, visiting the people who live and work along this famous river today. Travelling through 5 different countries, shell cross some of the most inhospitable landscapes on earth; from deserts where ancient civilizations once ruled to jungles where Victorian explorers underwent unspeakable suffering. Joannas Nile adventure is an epic one but as she nears the end of her 4000 mile journey in search of the rivers newest source in Rwanda, she discovers that hacking through the jungle to her final goal, is not for the faint hearted.

Format: TV Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2009
Running Tme: 4 x 1 hour
Shooting Format:
Genre: Travel, People & Places, Light Entertainment/Infotainmt
Available Rights: Standard Tv, Non-Standard TV Services, On Demand, NT, CCTV, DVD World excl UK/Eire
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