Judas Game incredibly needy or disgustingly greedy? In this game of lies and deceit if you trust your instincts, you may uncover the Judas in your midst but some liars are better than others. Just dont be fooled

Judas Game does not have a presenter, nor does it have a studio audience. Knowledge is not put to the test and no special physical dexterity is required. There are no questions, and no assignments, just six players desperately in need of money and desperate to persuade their fellow competitors that their tale is the biggest sob story of all time. Each competitor has a life story to tell. Often heart wrenching, sometimes beyond belief, they must explain why they need the money more than the others. Everyone is telling the truth, or are they? While youre moved to tears, you know that one of them is a Judas, a traitor simply spinning an outrageous yarn with only one thing in mind to go home with the two suitcases containing a total of $100,000. Between them, they hatch all kinds of theories in the Conspiracy room – a place where only two players can meet at any one time. It's here that secret agreements and maybe even monstrous alliances are struck. Glances of trust and mistrust are constantly exchanged over four ruthless voting rounds, as each person must decide for himself who he believes is the Judas. Youve only got to come under suspicion and youre voted out straight away. No one wants to end up with a compulsive liar, who may betray them at the very last moment! But what if they voted off an honest person? The truth is revealed after each eviction. When two players are left, it's time to confront each other do they want to share the money or not? And theres no going back. If they both agree to split the winnings 50-50, they each walk away with $50,000. However, if one votes to share but the other doesnt, then the Judas walks away with all the cash. If neither votes to share, then they both walk away with nothing

Genre: Entertainment
Timeslot: Access Prime Time, Late Night, Prime Time
Produced in
Argentina, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey