Bringing together the most fanatical brick builders from around Australia, the scene is set for a competition unlike any other, filled with passion, imagination and creativity, as eight pairs of LEGO-loving characters surprise and delight with the funniest battle of the bricks ever staged.

In charge of proceedings is Hamish Blake, unabashed LEGO tragic and big kid at heart. As host, Hamish will be in his element as ringleader of the fun, ably assisted by judge and resident LEGO expert Ryan The Brickman McNaught. As the Southern Hemispheres only LEGO-certified professional and one of only 14 in the world no one is better placed than The Brickman to put these talented amateur builders to the test.

Seeing this universally loved pastime brought to life by the limitless imaginations of the eight teams will appeal to the inner child in us all, as they create jaw-dropping, show-stopping models that must be seen to be believed.

There will be challenges to test the LEGO lovers design and engineering skills, their storytelling ability and, more often than not, how they think on their feet when all is not as it seems. With many hours of intricate building ahead, stamina and a sense of humour will be the key as they are pushed to their LEGO limits.

With $100,000 in prizemoney on offer and 2.5 million LEGO bricks at their fingertips, the possibilities are mind-bogglingly big. The team who consistently impresses with the best use of bricks, plates, tiles, studs, knobs and tubes thats LEGO to the rest of us will walk away victorious, LEGO trophy held aloft and bragging rights intact for the rest of their days.

Format: Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2019
Running Tme: 5 x 1 hour; 3 x 90 min Series; 1 x 2 hour Series
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Genre: Entertainment
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