The Successful Mr and Mrs Pells is a popular telenovela telling the extraordinary story of an ordinary man whose life is turned upside down when hes secretly hired to live the life of the most famous TV anchor in the country. However, he soon enters a farcical world where, as he discovers, nothing is what it seems! The Pells are the most famous reporters on television, portraying a happy working and personal relationship to all their viewers. But off camera their relationship is very different. Martn enjoys a secret gay relationship with Toms, the son of network boss Franco, and Sol is having an affair with Diego, the network reporter determined to take Martns place. In this world of lies and betrayal, something huge is about to happen. Martn is on the brink of being signed by a rival network. For Franco this means losing ratings and control of his perfect creation. After a heated argument, Martn is knocked unconscious and falls into a coma. Fleeing, Franco accidentally runs over Gonzalo, a penniless actor who bears an uncanny resemblance to Martn! Franco uses money to lure an idealistic Gonzalo in to secretly becoming Martns double; a lie destined to change everyones lives. Now Gonzalo must play the most difficult role of his life, because even though Franco tells him everything about Martn, theres a lot Franco himself doesnt know Equally loved and hated, Gonzalo soon discovers Martns double life, but must keep up the pretence, which isnt easy with a gay lover, a wife he is falling in love with and the constant threat that Martn might awake. Though struggling to maintain his deception, Gonzalo is thrown another curve ball the discovery that he is, in fact, Martns twin brother!

Format: TV Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2009
Running Tme: 88 x 1 hour Series
Shooting Format:
Genre: Soap
Available Rights: All rights worldwide exc USA, Mexico,Argentina, Chile and Columbia
Distribution Rights: Language – Spanish