Mobeen Deen (Guz Khan) is a single 28-year-old British Muslim trying to leave behind a life of crime in Birmingham after rediscovering his faith. Following his parents sudden and mysterious return to Pakistan, Mobeen must take full responsibility for not only himself, but his hormonal and often troublesome teenage sister Aks (Daa Karim).

Attempting to help him navigate his new straight edge lifestyle are his clownish best friends Nate (Tolu Ogunmefun) and Eight (Tez Ilyas), but with their own shortcomings and tendencies to bumble through silly situations it is often left to Mobeen to guide them.

Between dodging a policeman who is convinced he is a terrorist, trying to find a wife and confronting the leader of a farright hate group it is surprising Mobeen still has time to braid his sisters hair and tactically prevent her from getting involved with the local criminals a life he once knew all too well.

Dealing with the everyday prejudices in his town, as well as coping with raising a sibling, Man Like Mobeen is not only a comical representation of the controversies faced by British Muslims, but a story about growing up and friendship during the times you value it most.

Format: Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2016
Running Tme: 4 x 30 mins Series
Shooting Format:
Genre: Scripted – Comedy
Available Rights: All Rights worldwide excluding BBC's commissioning broadcast licence in UK and Ireland
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