Mossad 101 is a thrilling action-filled series that gives a rare peek into one of the most prestigious and secretive training courses world-wide.

In its first season Mossad 101 follows a new class of cadets from across the social spectrum as they undergo an intense training process, which is at its heart a test of psychological fortitude. Their goal is to finish the course and become Mossad agents. Only a select few will complete the training.

It is a suspenseful action series about the most secretive and intriguing organisation in the world, and an intensive examination of the human and moral side of intelligence work, and the cost demanded, over and over, from those who operate within its framework.

Format: Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2015-2016
Running Tme: 26 x 1 hour Series
Shooting Format:
Genre: Scripted – Action/Thriller, Scripted – Crime/Police
Available Rights: All rights worldwide excluding broadcaster rights in Israel
Distribution Rights: