Silver Surfers (w/t) is a heartwarming eye-opening social experiment that pairs two generations in the hope that they can help each other connect with a life beyond their own and unleash the true power of the World Wide Web.

The challenge here is to collectively find one aspect of the Internet that will truly revolutionise the life of the elder person, whilst simultaneously empowering their younger counterpart, bridging the generation gap and opening each others eyes to a whole new world.

So once our silver surfers virtual journey starts who knows where it will end? It wont be straightforward; some will initially reject and struggle with the new technology, others will embrace it but struggle to connect with their young, impatient mentor.

Will our young people discover an unlikely Internet sensation in their Silver Surfers (w/t) and form a unique collaboration that goes viral; or could they help them connect with long lost family and friends?

In this funny, touching and revelatory series, what will the old learn from the young about how to make themselves heard in the 21st Century and what will the young learn from the old about life beyond the virtual?

Format: Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2015
Running Tme: 6 x 30 mins
Shooting Format:
Genre: Entertainment
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