Whether its the bleary-eyed morning school run, a trip to an epic sleepover, or the dreaded journey to the dentist, the Teen Taxi is on call 24/7. And in our hectic world, time spent in the car remains one of the last refuges of unfiltered child-to-parent conversation a place where laughs can be had, and tricky conversations raised, without modern distractions or the possibility of escape!

Now, in this brand new series, teens and their families are letting the cameras into their cars for the first time as they tackle school, relationships, friendships, and much more.

The series will feature a revolving cast of charismatic characters approximately 3 to 4 per episode, comprising 12 families across 2 x 12-part series.

Format: Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2018
Running Tme: 12 x 30 mins Series
Shooting Format:
Genre: Youth/Kids – Live Action (Not Animation or Puppet)
Available Rights: All Rights worldwide excluding BBCs commissioning broadcast licence in UK
Distribution Rights: