Building a bridge, creating a divide.

The Bridge offers 15 strangers a life-changing opportunity. Isolated deep in the wild, they have one thing in common: they all want to get their hands on a 100.000 treasure. The cash prize lies a mere 300 metres away. There is one problem though. Between them and the treasure lies a river. The only way to cross it is by building a bridge with just their bare hands and a few basic manual tools and supplies, and it all must be done within 30 days.

If they successfully reach the treasure in time, the final question remains: who will keep the money? The physical adventure might be over, but the mind games begin. Each competitor must cast a vote for another person to win the treasure. Prior to the vote, individuals have the opportunity to strike alliances in order to increase their chances of winning as a group and sharing in the riches.

Ultimately the person with the most votes wins and can choose to keep all the money or share it with their allies. Making it to that final coveted spot requires a game plan based on strategy, negotiation and trust. The sole person to prevail has the power to override any prior agreements and act with complete impunity. Will the victor choose to keep promises and share the wealth or burn bridges and hoard the treasure?

Timeslot: Prime Time
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