Undercover Dads is guaranteed to keep Dads, Mums and kids entertained, laughing out loud – and doing a bit of thinking too! Dare we suggest it might even stimulate a bit of discussion about the way to run a happy household?! So join presenter Dave Chapman for the ultimate undercover prank adventure, involving mess, mayhem and full on anarchy in a familys own home! The kids think theyre taking part in a programme starring a brand new and highly eccentric TV expert called Mega Nanny – but what they dont know is that Mega Nanny is in fact their very own Dad in disguise!

Format: TV Series
Production company:
Production Year: 2010
Running Tme: 13 x 1 hour
Shooting Format:
Genre: Variety & Light Entertainment
Available Rights: All rights exc UK, Eire and USA and Canada
Distribution Rights: